Requesting Website Updates

How to Request Website Updates:


  • Please note: the current turnaround time for minor change requests is 1-3 business days.
  • DO NOT send requests to the webmaster’s e-mail address.
  • There are NO URGENT Requests. Please plan ahead.
  • If you wish to make a lot of changes to your site it would be better to list those changes in a Word document and attach the document to your ticket.
  • The form does allow you to upload more than one file.
  • If you have a specific date for completion in mind, please indicate it in your request.
  • Do not include brackets [ or ] in your content. Those can cause odd behavior in the CMS we use.
  • If you have long form copy changes that need to be translated into Spanish, we would recommend putting in that request for translation prior to or along with submitting a request for web support.

Regarding Upload Documents:

  • Please do not send file names that include spaces. Please use ( _ or – ) to add space if you desire.
  • Most content that will be downloaded should be saved as a PDF.
  • We also support: doc, ppt, xls, jpg, png
  • If you have more than three attachments or large files (over 5 mb) please store them on the S:\. Please save them all in a folder named [your department name].
  • Always mention where you put the files in your instructions.
  • When you save documents to the server, you still need to submit a ticket and indicate in your ticket where you saved your files.