Technical Support Requests

In an effort to expedite, track and follow up on support requests and questions, the IT department has created new ticketing system.  This new system will allow the IT department to centrally respond to issues ensuring you get the quickest resolution to your issue, request or question.  It will also allow us to track your ticket ensuring no issue ‘falls through the cracks’.

There are two ways to generate a ticket:

Please submit your request for support at the following site:

Please create a ticket for:

  • IT Support requests
  • Password resets
  • File / Folder access for personnel (Department Head approval required)
  • Computer / Software / Printer / Equipment Requisitions
  • Application / Software issues
  • Hardware issues
  • General IT Questions
  • Laptop / Projector Reservations
  • Anything else IT related…

Please note: The “Web Updates/Requests” option is not handled with this site.

As always, we try to respond right away but, if we’re particularly busy, your wait could be up to four hours for Catholic Center / Email issues and longer for application support.