Email and Records Management 101

Please see below for links to videos of the Email and Records Management 101 Training offered by the Office of Archives and Records.

The Office of Archives and Records holds this training on a quarterly basis, and it is mandatory for all new employees. We have provided the training in a series of short videos for your convenience. They may be watched consecutively or referenced by topic as needed.

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1. Records Management Intro
2. AOA Records Policy
3. AOA Records Retention Schedule
4. Routines to Adopt: File Maintenance
5. Routines to Adopt: File Storage
6. Routines to Adopt: Disposition
7. Email Management Intro
8. Tips for Managing Daily Email
Emails vs Documents
10. Tips on Cleaning up Your Email
11. Email Retention
12. Tech Tips: Searching Contacts
13. Tech Tips: Opening Contact Calendars
14. Tech Tips: Hyperlinks to Documents
15. Tech Tips: Plain Text to HTML
16. Tech Tips: Delete Deleted
17. Email Etiquette
18. Helpful Documents